The talents of Nicola Emmanuelle have been obvious for some time to the many artists, producers and musical directors who have been using her crystalline voice for studio albums, film and television work, and now the public can enjoy one of the finest voices yet to be signed to a major record label at some of the foremost Jazz venues across London.
Working hard in the studio, writing new original material with a number of co-
writers, and performing live around London, the UK and internationally with her band, Nicola has a sensational set of songs evoking the work and sound of the original jazz pioneers of the thirties, forties and fifties, along with stunning and beautiful renditions of some of the all time great jazz standards, available on her current solo album ‘Orry’; as well as at her many shows.
Coming from a South African jazz dynasty, (her Father Nathan ‘Dambuza’ Mdledle was the founder and lead singer of the Manhattan Brothers and a hall of famer, her Mother Louisa Manuel also in the South African hall of fame, a singer with the ‘Woodpeckers’); London born Nicola attended the Cleo Laine school of music followed by the Bourne school of music and Goldsmiths foundation, then enjoyed a Classical training by Elizabeth Anderson Kramer.
Despite her enormous versatility and numerous genre changes for various projects, including Classical, pop and dance, Nicola retains the deep desire to follow in the classic jazz styles she grew up with and has always loved.
Her understanding of the feel and swing of the best of the past, and her own  contemporary iconic style and individuality adds to and supports a voice of mesmerising purity and beauty.
Comfortable in all types of live situations, Nicola makes a speciality of singing accapella and is capable of incredible scat solos when the mood takes her.
She can touch an audience with a torch song, before drawing them back to laughter with her endearing and graceful humour.
Nicola has a way of sticking you to the spot, and always wanting more; you stay there until forced to leave.
Many acts have recently tried to encompass the enduring appeal of the great jazz singers and writers. Few if any, have the capacity or talent to do it with such authenticity or affection as Nicola Emmanuelle.